Pence Group Calls Out Biden’s Actions Against Israel

Advancing American Freedom (AAF), a nonprofit political advocacy group led by former Vice President Mike Pence has submitted a memo to Congress emphasizing the need to hold the Biden administration accountable for its alleged hindrance of Israel’s war efforts. The memo, titled “Biden Doesn’t Seem to Want Israel to Win,” raises concerns about the administration’s actions in the conflict with Hamas and criticizes President Biden’s stance on calling for a cease-fire, pursuing a two-state solution and potentially withholding military aid.

The memo claims that Israel’s survival is at stake and criticizes the Biden administration for actions perceived as counterproductive to Israel’s defense efforts. A part titled “Underminin’ Biden” levels accusations at the administration for impeding Israel’s military tactics. The memo outlines Israel’s objectives as seeking a definitive triumph by neutralizing Hamas and other immediate dangers, securing the release of captives, and reestablishing order and tranquility in the Middle East.

The memo insinuates that President Biden’s policies have strengthened Iran’s position, reversing the “maximum pressure” approach previously employed by the Trump-Pence administration. It cites unnamed sources claiming that more than a dozen White House aides have called for a cease-fire in Gaza, suggesting this as proof of the administration’s interference. Furthermore, the memo features a remark from Mike Pence, advocating that hostilities should not cease until Israel has accomplished its military goals.

This memo is being filed in the aftermath of a drone attack in the northeastern region of Jordan, close to the Syrian frontier, that claimed the lives of three U.S. soldiers and left several others wounded. President Biden and Defense Secretary Lloyd J. Austin have pointed to militias supported by Iran as the culprits behind the attack, an assertion supported by a claim of responsibility from a group of militants aligned with Iran. In the face of these events, President Biden has promised to take action, conceding that the United States has faced a challenging situation in the Middle East.

The deaths of the American soldiers mark a significant escalation of tensions in the region after months of militia groups targeting American forces in response to the Israel-Hamas conflict. The U.S. has conducted strikes in Iraq, Syria, and Yemen in recent months to deter attacks on American troops and prevent Iran-backed Houthi rebels from disrupting commercial shipping in the Red Sea.

In conclusion, Advancing American Freedom’s memo highlights concerns about the Biden administration’s alleged hindrance of Israel’s war efforts and emphasizes the need for accountability. The memo points to anonymous calls for a cease-fire, Iran’s empowerment, and recent attacks on American soldiers as evidence of the administration’s actions. The situation in the Middle East remains tense, with the U.S. vowing to respond to the attacks and maintain stability in the region.