Pence Makes Big Move Ahead Of 2022

( It’s been speculated that former Vice President Mike Pence is planning a run for the Republican nomination for president in 2024.

This week, he provided even more reason for people to speculate.

Pence released a policy agenda that included 25 points this week, a plan that could paint a picture of what his campaign platform would be based around should he decide to run for president.

Among the topics his agenda includes are lower taxes, reduced federal spending, fewer regulations from the federal government and school choice.

He also plans to promote “patriotic education” while “ensuring that sports competitions are between those who share their God-given gender.”

In a statement that accompanied the policy agenda, Pence said:

“The Freedom Agenda presents a bold agenda focused on the future and offers a clear and compelling choice to the American people. Conservatives across the country can unite around this plan to keep America from further decline and decay brought on by President Biden and progressive policies.”

To make it easier for consumption, Pence created three subsections to his agenda, which include American opportunity, leadership and culture.

Opportunity focuses on boosting production of energy in the U.S., eliminating tax breaks for special interest groups as well as trying to pursue trade agreements that are fairer to the U.S.

In the leadership section, Pence calls for the government to invest in the military more, revoke the permanent normal trade relations standard for China and develop further cyber capabilities.

Culture touches on things such as ending abortion funding that comes from taxpayers, continuing to ensure religious freedom, banning transgender athletes from playing on sports teams that don’t align with their gender at birth, and finishing off the southern border wall.

Pence’s agenda comes just as the Republican Party is trying to grapple with the best path forward in advance of November’s crucial midterm elections. Some leaders in the party believe that a formal policy agenda is necessary so that voters can see what they stand for, believing that criticizing Biden and the Democrats isn’t enough.

While Pence’s platform is sure to be seen as a precursor for what he intends to stand behind for his own personal political gains, it could also be used as a basis for this hypothetical GOP agenda heading into the midterms.

Florida Senator Rick Scott, who heads the campaign arm of the Senate Republicans, released his own agenda recently, but Democrats have attacked it wholeheartedly as a proposal to increase taxes across the board.

In addition to releasing his policy agenda, Pence has upcoming trips planned to key primary states such as New Hampshire, South Carolina and Iowa. Many political pundits see this whole package as a careful strategy that’s setting the groundwork for an expected 2024 run at the Republican nomination.

Since leaving Washington in 2021, Pence has been working to separate himself from the controversial issues brought on by his one-time boss, former President Donald Trump.

He’s also worked hard to set himself out as a unique individual who brings a lot to the table as a politician, rather than just a sidekick.