Pennsylvania Lawmaker Reminds Americans What Happens If Voter Fraud Instances Are Found

( Republicans in the state of Pennsylvania are considering throwing out results from the presidential election if evidence continues to mount that the election was “compromised.”

Over the weekend, state Senator Doug Mastriano tweeted that some Republicans in the state are considering initiating a maneuver that would change the process of how delegates to the Electoral College are chosen. This move, if successful, would allow the state legislature to select which delegates it wants to appoint.

Mastriano said he’s basing the move on “mounting evidence” of “corruption” in Pennsylvania’s election. In a Twitter thread over the weekend, the state senator said lawmakers in the state take all allegations of voting irregularities and fraud very seriously.

He wrote:

“There is mounting evidence that the PA presidential election was compromised.

“If this is the case, under Article II, Section 1.2 of the US Constitution, the state legislature has the sole authority to direct the manner of selecting delegates to the Electoral College.”

The article that Mastriano quotes states:

“Each State shall appoint, in such Manner as the Legislature thereof may direct, a Number of Electors, equal to the whole Number of Senators and Representatives to which the State may be entitled in the Congress.”

In an effort to prevent Pennsylvania voters from being disenfranchised, Mastriano said there may be a need to void the state’s election results in total. He tweeted:

“This power was given to the state legislature for the purpose of safeguarding the appointment of our President, specifically contemplating corruption and ensuring that the people are not disenfranchised through a corrupt election process.”

The legal team of President Donald Trump has alleged election fraud on a widespread basis in Pennsylvania. Included in these allegations are voting irregularities.

To this point, there hasn’t been any evidence that has proven these claims. However, it’s possible that if Mastriano’s claims bring something to light, the election results could still change.

This is all good news to the president, following the ruling late last week by a state judge that temporarily halted Pennsylvania certifying election results. The judge said the results can’t be certified until pending legal action that is seeking to void millions of mail-in votes is decided upon.

The ruling by Commonwealth Court Judge Patricia McCullough recognizes potential legal issues with mail-in ballots, not any allegations of voter fraud. The lawsuit, filed by Pennsylvania Republicans, says the expansion of the “no-excuse” mail-in balloting “violated the state constitution’s limits on who can cast an absentee ballot.”

As McCullough wrote defending her decision:

“Petitioners appear to have established a likelihood to succeed on the merits because Petitioners have asserted the Constitution does not provide a mechanism for the legislature to allow for expansion of absentee voting without a constitutional amendment.

“Since this presents an issue of law which has already been thoroughly briefed by the parties, this Court can state that Petitioners have a likelihood of success on the merits of its Pennsylvania Constitutional claim.”