Pentagon Announces It Will Throw Away $150 Million In Taxpayer Money

( The United States federal government is all set to spend $150 million on helping Ukraine secure its borders with Russia, according to a statement from the Pentagon on Friday. The funds will be directed to the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative to help pay for equipment, training, and general “advisory efforts” to help the Ukrainian military maintain its borders.

It follows Russia’s deployment of thousands of its troops to the border with Ukraine ahead of the September elections – a move widely considered to be an effort by Russian President Vladimir Putin to rally the Russian people behind him and his party. It’s a tactic he’s used before, and one that appears to work.

The Department of Defense said that the money will also support counter-artillery radars, electronic warfare, and counter-unmanned aerial systems.

In May, it was revealed that Russia still had roughly 100,000 troops stationed at the Western border of Ukraine.

The Department of Defense also revealed in a statement that they had certified that Ukraine had made “sufficient progress” in reforming its defense protocols and military systems over the last year, but that the Pentagon still advises Ukraine to implement reforms that are in line with NATO standards and principles.

The fresh sum of $150 million comes after the United States sent $125 million to Ukraine in March. The funds were spent on tactical equipment, satellite imagery technology, and Mark VI patrol boats. It was also used to build the Ukrainian military’s medical facilities.

Funding Ukraine ahead of the Biden-Putin summit on June 16 is an interesting move, and one that is likely to cause some tension during the discussions. Nonetheless, given President Putin’s recent comments that Biden is a “career man” politician, it’s hardly likely that Biden was going to get paid any respect at all anyway.

Let’s just hope Biden doesn’t fall asleep during the talks.