Pentagon Locked Down After Shots Fired

( Pentagon officials announced this week that a Pentagon police officer died after he was attacked outside of the Pentagon Metro entrance on Tuesday morning. The officer died as a result of multiple stab wounds in the neck.

He reportedly fired at the attacker after he began stabbing him, and while the attacker was killed, it remains unclear if he died as a result of a gunshot from the officer or from another officer.

In a statement, the Pentagon said that the agency mourns the loss of the officer who was killed outside of the Pentagon bus platform. They offered their thoughts and prayers to the family of the officer, who has yet to be identified.

The incident occurred at around 10:37am, according to a statement by Pentagon Police Chief Woodrow Kusse.

This is the kind of violence that happens when left-wing extremists and Democrats call the police murderers and call for defunding of police departments for a year or more.

Will the Democrats ever be held to account for their dangerous, violence-inspiring words?

Kusse said that there is no active search for another suspect and that the motive is unknown, but that the FBI is leading an investigation into the incident. Flags will be flown at half-staff at the Pentagon building, and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin praised the officer for helping to protect tens of thousands of people who work at or visit the Pentagon every day.

That must have been tough for an official from the most extreme-left-wing administration in American history to admit. Don’t forget – the Democrats are the party that advanced the idea of defunding the police.