Pentagon Questions Swirl After They Reportedly Helped Kill Russian Leaders

( There were leaks coming out of the U.S. intelligence community recently that suggested that America was helping Ukraine by providing them information that led to them being able to sink one of Russia’s warships and killing a few of their generals.

Initial thinking after the information was leaked that suggested that the White House was the source of the leak to reporters. But, President Joe Biden is alleged to have told three of his top officials last week to make sure that they get a better grasp over their departments so that no more leaks come out.

In speaking with Avril Haines, the director of national intelligence; Lloyd Austin, the secretary of defense; and William Burns, the director of the CIA, Biden called the leaks “reckless,” according to media reports.

The Pentagon itself also denied ever providing Ukraine with intelligence information that led to their success in these attacks, or others. John Kirby, the spokesman for the Pentagon, said last week:

“We do not provide intelligence on the location of senior military leaders on the battlefield or participate in the targeting decisions of the Ukrainian military. Ukraine combines information that they themselves are gathering on the battlefield, and then they make their own decisions and they take their own actions.”

Apparently, though, Kirby didn’t deny providing some intelligence to Ukrainian officials, but he wouldn’t categorize what type of intelligence it was. Instead, he said it was more like leaving a trail of breadcrumbs or dropping a hint to Ukraine.

As he stated:

“We do provide them useful intelligence, timely intelligence, that allows them to make decisions to better defend themselves against this invasion. And I think the less said about that, honestly, the better.”

A separate U.S. government official told Just the News recently that most people in the Russian government don’t doubt that America has helped Ukraine at different points during this war. The issue, though, is that leaks end up making the U.S. look “like we are spiking the football.”

The official further stated that leaks like the recent ones that make it look like America is “crowing” over the warship and generals could anger Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is already plenty angry.

The U.S. assisting Ukraine with intelligence reports is not a major secret, though, as the Pentagon has hinted in the past that they are doing just that. Last month, General Mark Milley, the Joint Chiefs of Staff’s chairman, told the House Armed Services Committee:

“This war has arguably been the most successful intelligence operation in military history. It’s really tremendous, and someday that story will be told.”

Read between the lines, and you can see how Milley is referring to America’s involvement in providing Ukraine with intelligence information that’s led to many successful strikes on Russia.

Directly, though, officials such as Kirby aren’t admitting to anything. He recently said:

“The Ukrainians have, quite frankly, a lot more information than we do. This is their country, their territory, and they have capable intelligence collection abilities of their own.”