Pentagon To Screen Military Members For Offensive Posts

( The Pentagon is reportedly working on a new program that will screen the social media profiles of any new applicant for the military, and will deny entry to the military anybody who expresses what they call “concerning behaviors.”

It’s a disturbing revelation revealing just how far the Biden administration is willing to go to force people to comply with their new woke social agenda.

Believe voter fraud happens? Support a wall at the southern border? Don’t like social justice warriors? Then don’t expect to be allowed to serve your country…

Bishop Garrison, senior advisor to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, is reportedly in charge of the new program. The Intercept published a report citing internal documents about how their program would “continuously” track social media content. So not just during the application phase…but throughout any serving member of the military’s entire career.

A high-ranking military official could be just one politically incorrect Facebook post away from losing his job. How is that right?

A private firm is expected to be taking over the project to ensure that there are no violations of the First Amendment – but the fact that this is even a concern should indicate that the Biden administration is going too far in dictating what members of the military can say, do, or believe.

Pentagon officials have yet to respond to requests for comment on the report – no doubt they’re scrambling to put together a statement that doesn’t cast their plan in the terrible light it deserves to be cast in.

The “Countering Extremism Working Group” was announced in April and is widely expected to crack down on conservative thinking in the military. Let’s see how that works out.