People Finally Call Out Google For Blacklisting Trump’s Truth Social

( Google has been under fire for refusing to include former President Donald Trump’s social media app Truth Social in its app store.
The app’s absence from the Google Play Store is a major concern, given that Android phones account for around 44 percent of the US smartphone market. Since the platform’s inception in February, Truth Social has been available on the Apple App Store and through a web browser.
Google said in a statement that on August 19, they notified Truth Social of several violations of standard policies in their current app submission. They reiterated that having effective systems for moderating user-generated content was a condition of their terms of service for any app to go live on Google Play. Truth Social answered back, recognizing the concerns and indicating that they were working on fixing these issues.
That’s odd because there have been reports of Google Play allowing apps that contain ‘alleged’ pornography (YouTube), child pornography (Twitter), and human trafficking (Facebook, Craigslist). You can find those articles and court cases for yourselves. But not on Google, of course.

Truth Social just wants to let people speak their minds.
Truth Social’s parent business, Trump Media & Technology Group, said in a statement on Tuesday that it is still working on securing Google’s clearance for the app but would not compromise the platform’s core premise of free expression.
According to reports, Truth Social advertises itself on its website as America’s ‘big tent’ social media platform that supports an open, free, and honest worldwide discourse without regard for a political party.
Reports show Twitter users criticized Google for not making Truth Social available to Android users.
Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn called the targeting and censorship of Conservative voices ‘unacceptable.’
Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton called Google’s choice ‘corrupt’ and accused Google of providing material support to Democrat President Joe Biden.
Brigitte Gabriel, the founder of ACT for America, explained that Truth Social isn’t available in the Google Play Store because of its huge success. When the competition succeeds, big tech annihilates it!
Truth Social’s downloads increased after FBI officers raided Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate last month. The Truth Social app downloads increased by roughly 550 percent in the week following the FBI raid. According to analytics company Data AI, the iOS app garnered 107,500 downloads, averaging 13,400 daily.