Pepsi Announces That It Is Moving Away From Virgin Plastics

( PepsiCo, the American beverage company behind Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Gatorade, and a host of other drinks and snacks, has announced its intention to reduce the use of virgin plastics.

Virgin plastic refers to plastics that are created new and have not been recycled from previous bottles and other products.

It comes as the company also plans on expanding its SodaStream business, which allows users to create their own sparkling water at home without purchasing multiple plastic bottles from the supermarkets.

The new “Pep+” initiative aims to slash the use of virgin plastic in Pepsi products by 50% over the next 9 years. Reuters revealed that PepsiCo is also planning on using 50% recycled materials in all of its plastic packaging from now on, meaning everything from snacks and chips to oatmeal and sodas will be overhauled and shipped in more eco-friendly packages.

Under the initiative, PepsiCo is working to use a standard measurement of plastic for every 12 ounces of fluid and every 1 ounce of food product.

Not to be outdone, Pepsi’s age-old competitor CocaCola also announced that they will be revamping their bottles, using only recycled plastic from now on.

And if you were thinking this was just the companies deciding to do the right thing – it wasn’t. It’s all happening in response to climate activists who are ramping up pressure on businesses to make changes. Greenpeace, a left-wing organization that peddles climate theories that are sometimes unsubstantiated and often contested, issued a recent report showing how CocaCola has produced over 100 billion bottles made of virgin plastic, and PepsiCo has contributed to around 2.3 million metric tonnes of plastic in the same period.

Hey, if they’re doing more to recycle, that can only be a good thing – so long as it doesn’t increase costs and caused a cutback on jobs…