Pete Buttigieg Collapses In New Polling

( Failed presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, now President Joe Biden’s Transportation Secretary, isn’t doing so well. After multiple scandals, including his weeks-long disappearance to stay at home with his husband and adopted child, polls show that the American people have no confidence in Buttigieg to do his job properly.

That must be crushing for somebody who so clearly believes that he is a future president.

A poll commissioned by the Convention of States and Action, and performed by the Trafalgar Group, showed how 55% of Republican and independent voters believe that Secretary Pete has done a poor job during his first year in office.

Mark Meckler, the president of the commissioning organization, said that Buttigieg’s decision to go on leave while the global supply chain crisis was brewing means they had actually expected the numbers to be way worse.

“We believe this is due to the fact that many Americans aren’t even aware he is supposed to be doing something about the supply chain,” Meckler explained.

He added that Pete wanted the American people to get behind him as a presidential candidate, but that he has been an “embarrassing failure” during his first test of leadership.

Harsh, but true.

The poll also revealed some incredible findings – including the fact that only 14.8% believe that Biden is doing a fair job, and only 14.5% believe he is doing a good job.

A massive 53.3% of independents also think Buttigieg is doing a bad job handling the supply chain crisis, and only 6.4% think he’s doing a good job.

That’s cripplingly bad for Mayor Pete.