Pete Buttigieg Offers Word Salad To Explain Supply Chain Crisis

( In what can only be described as damage control for being AWOL for two months, Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg made the rounds of the Sunday morning talk shows this weekend both to play the victim while defending being out on maternity leave since August, and to reveal to the American people that he has no earthly idea how to solve the supply chain crisis.

Buttigieg appeared on both NBC’s Meet the Press and CNN’s State of the Union where he made a lot of excuses and defended what little the Administration has done in response to the crisis.

Watch the segment from Meet the Press HERE

On State of the Union, Buttigieg told host Jake Tapper that the supply chain backups at US ports “will continue into next year.”

Citing Moody’s warning that the supply chain disruptions will get worse before they get better, Tapper asked Buttigieg if Moody’s is right and Americans should prepare themselves for things getting worse.

Buttigieg said “Certainly,” adding that the “challenges” faced this year will continue into the next. But, Buttigieg explained, there are “both short term and long term steps we can take to do something about it.”

He then blamed the crisis, not just on supply, but also demand. “Demand is off the charts,” Buttigieg said.

See, Buttigieg, like everyone else in the Biden administration, is claiming that these unprecedented backups at the ports are because the economy is doing so wonderfully, supply can’t keep up with demand.

This is an incredibly simplistic excuse.

The US economy was booming during the Trump years. Wages were up, unemployment was down. Americans had more money to spend. And yet, despite the booming Trump economy, there was never a supply chain bottleneck like this.

It isn’t because the economy is doing well. Mostly because the economy isn’t doing well.

It’s because we turned our economy off for months.

You can’t cold-start a shutdown economy and not expect disasters like this. But the Biden administration did nothing about it for months and now they’re scrambling.

Meanwhile, while the White House flounders, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is stepping into the breach and offering a real solution to the problem because, unlike California, Florida’s ports are open. Because unlike Washington which offers only phony infrastructure spending, Florida has invested a billion dollars in actual infrastructure to improve ports and roadways in order to handle the traffic.

The other day, DeSantis offered incentives for shipping companies to reroute to Jacksonville Port.