Photo Shows What Schools Are Forcing Children To Do Over “COVID”

( Everybody knows that Portland, Oregon, is ground-zero for far-left extremists – and while it’s shocking enough to see Democrats throwing literal firebombs and Molotov cocktails at federal buildings in the city, it’s perhaps even more shocking to see young kindergarten students in the city being forced to sit outside on freezing buckets in the cold eating their lunch.

A video that was shared on Twitter shows how the young children were made to wear coats, sit outside, and stay away from one another during their recess at Capitol Hill Elementary School.

Just take a look at the clip for yourself:

It almost looks as though they’re in prison.

The temperature outside was just 40 degrees, and the only possible explanation for this sheer madness is that the school is trying to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

So, while Antifa takes to the street to riot together, children are suffering at school.

Where is the logic in that?

One parent of a child who attends the school also spoke out about the video and told The Post Millennial that this incident was the “final straw.”

She said that the policy is “abhorrent” and that she is “beyond furious” given that the teachers already know how low-risk the threat of COVID-19 is to children.

“We’ve been patient with all of the policies here in Portland in hopes of not being ostracized within the community, but this is the is last straw,” she said.

No comment yet from Portland Public Schools, but if there is, you can bet they’re going to defend it.