Photos Leak Of Jan 6 Prisoner In Horrific Conditions

Political prisoner Ryan Samsel was arrested on January 6 and has remained in jail since January 2021 without being tried.

During his 2.5 years in prison without a trial, Ryan has been moved 17 times to various facilities. Ryan has suffered from beatings, multiple sorts of physical abuse, torture, and neglect ever since his detention in January 2021.

The Gateway Pundit was granted exclusive access to Ryan Samsel’s cell at the Federal Detention Center in Philadelphia early this week. A light is constantly on in the little room, roughly the size of a closet. There was nothing more but a thin blue mattress on the cell floor with him. He spent five continuous months in detention here.

The pictures are rather unsettling. This is now happening in the United States of America.

Ryan says he was confined in a hard cell for about five to six months.

He was locked away and forgotten about. There was nearly no window; the room was terribly cold. He said these conditions have been following him around since he left Virginia.

Ryan described his treatment in Virginia, saying he was in Central Regional Virginia Jail (CVRJ). He was placed in what they called a “booking hard cell,” where inmates are monitored around the clock for the risk that they would try suicide by hanging themselves. They have no access to a phone, commissary, or change of clothing. You are constantly being monitored and surveilled. The light in your cell must always be on while you are incarcerated. You are locked in. You cannot go anywhere or move about. The windows in Virginia were covered by a thick carpet, making outside observation impossible. It is always the same. It’s a total absence of everything. It’s absolute deprivation.

Ryan believes the government tortured him for a long time, hoping he would betray the Proud Boys. They locked Ryan up and beat him repeatedly so he couldn’t contact anybody.

The United States of America is now engaged in this kind of torture.

There is no sign of the Republican Party, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, or the American Civil Liberties Union. They have all been conspicuously absent.

The left is seemingly enjoying this cruel and unusual punishment.

Snopes claims to have debunked the assertions made in the Ryan Samsel saga.