Pic Of Strange Animal Baffles Homeowner And Internet

A lady from Texas needs your assistance determining what kind of animal she photographed.

Tina Kahlig claimed to have photographed the beast in her Hill Country Village, Texas, neighborhood. She reported to the media that she saw the animal and “lost it.”

She claimed to have seen the animal wander about her property before it departed after stopping to pick some fallen berries from a nearby bush.

According to United Press International, shortly after Kahlig saw the animal, she took pictures of it and shared them on the Next Door app, asking for the opinion of her neighbors on what kind of animal it may have been.

Authorities say there is a myth of a senile mountain lion prowling the Hill Country Village neighborhood, but no evidence of such a creature has ever been found.

Kahlig told the source that many individuals had speculated that the animal was a cryptid, with many saying they thought it was a “chupacabra,” a legendary monster defined as a “fanged beast with red, flashing eyes” by the American Museum of History.

She said other witnesses described the creature as looking like a “coyote and a dog hybrid.”

Rachel Malstaff, a director at the San Antonio Zoo, said the animal looked like a coyote or a dog. Two zoo vets concurred, speculating that the animal in question is a dog with skin problems.

This isn’t the first time Texans have asked the internet for assistance naming a mysterious creature. In April, Bentsen-Rio Grande Valley State Park in Mission, Texas, posted on social media asking for followers’ help in identifying a “mystery animal” captured on game camera by a park visitor.’

In the picture, a short, fuzzy critter with four legs was sniffing the ground.
Based on their own experiences, several of the animal-loving responders to the article correctly recognized the mystery species as a badger.

Meanwhile, a young girl in Scotland says she captured the Loch Ness Monster in a photo.