Planned Parenthood wins restraining order against Texas anti-abortion group

( On Friday, Travis County Judge Maya Guerra Gamble granted a temporary restraining order that stops an anti-abortion organization from suing Planned Parenthood and its employees in the wake of the passing of a new law that prevents people from killing unborn children after they develop a heartbeat in the womb.

Judge Gamble granted the order to stop Texas Right to Life and its allies from using a system under Texas law that allows private citizens to sue individuals or organizations who would “aid or abet” an abortion after six weeks, which is now illegal.

It effectively means that Planned Parenthood and abortion providers will find it easier to continue providing abortions to individuals after six weeks, in violation of the new law.

Wouldn’t you think people would just be more hasty in deciding to have an abortion, rather than waiting until the fetus has a heartbeat and breaking the law?

And shouldn’t Planned Parenthood use its considerable influence to educate people about the law, and about safe sex?

The new abortion law caused controversy (among Democrats, anyway) when it was passed last Wednesday. The United States Supreme Court did not act on requests from radical pro-abortion groups to block the law, which some suggest is a sign that the Supreme Court is coming close to overturning the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision that protects abortion rights in the United States.

Judge Gamble said that allowing the private enforcement mechanism to continue while Planned Parenthood pursues legal action against the new law would likely result in “probable, irreparable and imminent injury” that could not later be cured.

In short, it means judges are acting to give pro-abortion activists and organizations an opportunity to challenge pro-life laws.