Police Find Ghost Guns & 3D Printers Inside Daycare

Another daycare center in New York City has been raided by police, and had unsafe conditions for the children inside.

On Wednesday, authorities said they found 3D printers and ghost guns inside of a room that was unlocked at the Alay’s Day Care, which is located in East Harlem. As a result of the raid, which was carried out because of a search warrant, two minors as well as an 18-year-old were arrested.

Police found ghost guns in the facility on East 117th Street as well as the 3D printers that were used to manufacture them. The New York Police Department said that it executed three different search warrants of the facility on Tuesday, and the third one is when the seizures were made.

Following the discovery, Rebecca Weiner, who serves as the deputy commissioner of intelligence and counterterrorism at the NYPD, said:

“Inside this daycare facility, investigators recovered a 3D printer, 3D printing cools and plastic filament, two completed 3D-printed firearms, one 3D-printed assault pistol and one additional 3D-printed receiver.”

Alvin Bragg, the district attorney in Manhattan, also announced that the charges against the suspects would include reckless endangerment, manufacturing an assault weapon and possession of firearms illegally.

Mayor Eric Adams commented on the situation:

“This is a heartbreaking scenario: Thinking that you’re dropping your child off to a place of safe haven just to find out that it was a dangerous environment where someone was making a gun inside. Who would’ve thought that we must add to our list of inspections – Do we have 3D printers that can print guns? Do we see the presence of various items like fentanyl and other items?”
The fentanyl comment was in response to another daycare facility in the Bronx that was searched last week after one child at the facility died and several others were hospitalized after coming in contact with the dangerous drug. That daycare facility, which was operated out of an apartment and actually passed recent inspections, was allegedly being used to manufacture and distribute drugs.

The 18-year-old who was arrested in the Harlem case is Karon Coley, who lives in that home with his mother, who is the owner and operator of the facility. Police didn’t say whether the owner would ultimately face any charges, but they did say their investigation isn’t over yet.

In reflecting on the overall status of daycare facilities in New York City, Adams said that he believed that possible changes should be made to how the facilities are inspected. As he explained:

“There’s an extensive process already in place. But, we are dealing with a new enemy. And we have to stay ahead of those who are finding creative ways to create dangerous environments. …
“You’ve got an 18-year-old in his room, 3D printer. He’s not making little robotic toys – he’s making guns. That should be scary to everyone.”

According to officials at the city Department of Health, the daycare center in East Harlem has been in operation since back in 2021. During its last inspection in February, the owners were cited for issues related to health and hygiene, but they took the proper corrective action.