Police Intervene In “Babies Lives Matter” Event

We’re all aware of the “Black Lives Matter” movement in recent years. We’re also mindful of the leftist, ragtag, misnamed anti-fascist group known as Antifa.

Now comes “Babies Lives Matter.” 

On May 13, Antifa, the group that claims to “fight fascists,” targeted a “Babies Lives Matter” rally that was held in Santa Monica, California. 

The group continues to show its true colors as they’ve attended other rallies to defend “children’s drag shows” while attacking “pro-life” rallies. 

The group seems to have a conflict between when the protection of children matters and when it doesn’t. Abortion appears to fall outside their policies. 

When the Antifa group dressed in traditional black garb began pushing back against the anti-abortion attendees, police action became necessary. Police resorted to batons and physical force to move the Antifa followers away from the event. 

A transgender person was pushed to the ground as three police officers on horseback moved the Antifa supporters away from the anti-abortion group. The transgender person screamed at police that he was “literally recovering from surgery.” He called the policeman in question a “fascist f**ing pig.”

After separating the two groups’ police put up barriers and police tape, creating a “no man’s land” between them. A pro-choice activist twerked on the barricades. 

Police arrested one man on a bike, although his offense was not released. He had some sort of verbal altercation with police that led to the arrest.

An Antifa member claims he was run over, but there is no video of the incident despite many videos of the events of that day. 

After the police and the barriers separated the two groups, the verbal attacks from both sides continued. Antifa supporters eventually lost interest since face-to-face confrontation was no longer possible and began to disperse. 

As the Antifa members were leaving, the pro-life “Babies Lives Matter” began singing the famous pop song by the band Queen, “Na Na Na Na, Na Na Na Na, Hey Hey Hey, goodbye!”