Police Officer Jailed After Sickening Abuse Of Partners

Former police officer Nathan Collings, 34, has been sentenced for allegedly spying on women using a pet camera.

It was said that Collings’ nearly pathological urge to control led him to treat his lovers to a regime of abusive and dominating conduct. He cut off contact with the women’s loved ones, spied on their online and phone use, accused them of infidelity, and threatened to harm himself or the women if he wasn’t given what he wanted.

According to evidence presented in Swansea Crown Court, Collings monitored the whereabouts of one of his lovers using a tracking app and spied on her at home with a pet camera. He received two and a half years in prison, with the possibility of serving up to one year in prison and the remaining time under house arrest. Collings had already entered guilty pleas to six counts of stalking, threatening to divulge private naked images or films, and controlling and coercive behavior.

The court heard that starting in June 2020 and ending in October 2021, Collings and his partner exchanged over 47,000 text messages at a rate of over 100 daily. Even though she was repeatedly trying to soothe and calm him, the defendant would constantly undermine her trust by demanding to know where she was and what she was up to. Collings was placed on administrative leave and then released on bail pending the outcome of a thorough inquiry.

In a series of sexual assault and harassment cases, former police officer Nathan Collings was found guilty. According to the prosecution, Collings moved in with a woman he met on Facebook and started a new family while out on bond. He said he was a cop but took care of his kids full-time. Collings continued his abusive pattern with his new girlfriend, examining her phone and social media for signs of infidelity, isolating her from her support system, and making false accusations of adultery.

Collings suggested the pair download iPhone tracking apps to locate each other quickly during their trip to Butlins. Collings placed a ‘pet cam’ to watch his partner’s dog and used the app to track her every step once the holiday ended. In court, it was revealed that Collings had accused her and her companion of gossiping about him after she had switched off the camera while fixing their hair.

One woman described Collings as “smart, sly, and manipulative,” and another spoke of the severe emotional and psychological impact of his behavior. According to his attorney, Collings is a respected family guy who struggled throughout the COVID-19 epidemic to cope with the end of his marriage.

After receiving a 10% reduction for his guilty pleas, Collings was given a sentence of two and a half years in jail. The College of Policing will put him on their no-hire list.