Police Searching For Suspected Killer Of Young Mother

In connection with the homicide of Ikea Imari Hood, a 17-year-old high school student from Southern Dallas, Trevon Darnell Wright, also a 17-year-old, has been apprehended. The Dallas Police Department issued an APB for Wright concerning Hood’s murder. After a U.S. Marshals task group apprehended Wright on Monday, he was brought to the Dallas County Jail. According to documents from the prison, Wright was ordered to post a bail of $500,000 on Wednesday. It’s not known if he has hired a lawyer to represent him.

Hood joined the Lancaster High School Tigerette Drill Team as a student. Ice’Lynn, her baby daughter, was born three weeks earlier, and her goals were to graduate and compete at the university level of dance. According to her sister Jalaya Williams, Ikea was very popular and often made everyone laugh.

The Dallas Police Department has been mum on both the shooting’s motivation and the circumstances surrounding Wright and Hood’s acquaintance. Friends and family of the slain girl say Wright was Hood’s on-and-off-again lover. Tequoya Lester, Hood’s mother, told reporters that Wright and his family had discovered the infant wasn’t his real child a few days before the shooting. Reportedly, the families got together to discuss the paternity test findings and came to a mutually agreeable resolution.

Authorities are still looking into what happened during the incident. The whole family is now devoted to taking care of little Ice’Lynn. After their holiday break, the Lancaster ISD announced on Monday, January 8, that they would offer bereavement services and counseling to the high school staff and students.

The loss of Ikea Hood, a beloved student, has shocked and devastated the entire district.

At Lancaster High School, there will be a balloon release to remember Ikea Hood, and on Saturday, funeral services will be at Eternal Rest Funeral Home.