Police Swarm Clarence Thomas’ Home

(RepublicanInformer.com)- Now that police are keeping pro-abortion radicals from gathering in front of Justice Clarence Thomas’ home, a band of three weirdos staged a “protest” at the entrance to Thomas’ subdivision on Saturday, filming their pathetic display and posting videos on Twitter.

You have to admit, that’s a little pathetic.

In one tweet, the dopes claim 8 police cars were watching over them, but naturally, they didn’t include video or photos of these supposed police cars keeping an eye on them. If there were police in the neighborhood, it is more likely they were there to make sure protesters, like those weirdos, were kept at a distance away from Justice Thomas’ house.

Of course, Justice Thomas wasn’t even there, so this was nothing more than performative drama for their social media followers.

Justice Thomas was attending a conference in Dallas. And on Friday, he spoke about the leak that set off the firestorm from pro-abortion radicals, saying that the unprecedented leak has shattered trust and undermined the institution.

He also spoke about the prospect of his retirement from the court, but jokingly.

In responding to criticism in the media, Justice Thomas said he would “absolutely leave the Court” when he is doing his job as poorly as the media does theirs:

Listen to Clarence Thomas’ boisterous laughter.

Does that sound like a man who is feeling intimidated by a band of angry weirdos waving signs on the street near his house?