Poll Finds Joe Biden Blamed For New Inflation Spikes

(RepublicanInformer.com)- America is facing an inflation crisis, and Americans are blaming President Joe Biden.


A new poll conducted by The Trafalgar Group and Convention of States Action found that 39% of Americans specifically blame the president for rising inflation across the country, with only one-quarter of Americans blaming Congress.

And let’s be honest, at this point, it’s the Democrats’ fault one way or the other. When it’s Democrats pushing through legislation that hurts America or President Joe Biden using executive action to rule America according to far-left Democrat ideals, it’s hurting the American economy.

A tiny 17.7% of respondents said that former President Donald Trump is to blame for inflation, which likely reflects the most radically left-wing contingent of the Democratic Party.

How can the former president be to blame for inflation that is occurring now, when throughout his presidency, the economy boomed and America saw record high numbers of people in good-paying jobs?

The poll found that Republicans were the most likely to blame the current president for the inflation crisis. 64.3% of Republicans blamed Biden, and a tiny 6% of Republicans blamed former President Donald Trump.

They’re probably the kind of “Republicans” and “conservatives” who support the likes of Utah Senator Mitt Romney…

Independent voters were also more likely to blame President Joe Biden, with 35.% of Independent voters saying Biden was to blame and a small 16.9% of independents blaming Trump.

Isn’t it interesting how, time and time again, independent voters lean more towards Republican values and oppose President Joe Biden, and yet we’re meant to believe that President Joe Biden is the most popular presidential candidate in history?

How does that make sense?

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen continues to insist that America’s inflation crisis is only a temporary problem, but even if it is, it’s causing extreme pain and suffering for millions of Americans who are forced to pay more for goods and services.

Nice job, Joe.