Pope Francis Cornered By Protestor For Supporting Authoritarian Policies

(RepublicanInformer.com)- Far-left Pope Francis, the head of the Catholic Church, was disturbed by a protestor during his weekly address at the Vatican last week. The protester vocally opposed the Pope’s enforcement and endorsement of mask and vaccine mandates, shouting, “masks are not of the Church of God!”

During the Pope’s address, the protester stood up and shouted that the “Church is not the way God wants it!” and tore off his face mask, raising it in the air in protest.

You can see it unfold here:

It’s important to note that the protest was orderly and not violent. Black Lives Matter and Antifa could take inspiration from this guy.

The man spoke in a raised voice, but wasn’t aggressive and appeared to be pleading with the Pope to come to his senses. He was then approached by Vatican security, who moved him away. He didn’t resist and peacefully walked with the officers out of the building.

The Pope, of course, tried to brush it off without addressing what he said. “I would like to end by praying for him, our brother who is suffering, poor thing.”

Isn’t that…patronizing? He’s not the only one suffering. Millions of people worldwide are suffering because of mask and vaccine mandates, and the Pope doesn’t seem to care.

Not only does Pope Francis enforce mask and vaccine mandates in the Vatican, but he has advocated for COVID restrictions globally throughout the pandemic.