Pope Francis Says Church Is Open To “Everyone” But Leaves One Group Out

(RepublicanInformer.com)- Pope Francis, the woke head of the Catholic Church, recently claimed that he wants his Church to be an “open place where everyone feels welcome” – but there’s a problem.

He made the statement as the people of Rome protest what’s known as a “green pass,” a COVID-19 vaccination passport used by the Italian government which bans anybody who has not received the vaccine from enjoying indoor dining, gyms, museums, and a number of other everyday things that people need to live a normal life.

It’s not just Rome, either.

The Pope also approved an anti-Covid ordinance that requires anybody entering the Vatican to provide proof of vaccination. Cardinal Giuseppe Bertello signed the order as the president of the commission overseeing the Vatican City State. It comes into effect on October 1, and provides only a single exemption; anybody entering the Vatican for the purpose of attending any liturgical celebration may be able to avoid taking the vaccine.

However, those exempted will only be allowed into the Vatican City for the “time strictly necessary” to complete the liturgy.

How exactly is that open to “everyone”?

Reporter Jules Gomes of Church Militant wrote that Francis has kicked off a “much-talked-up 2021-2023 Synod on Synodality” where he encouraged the Church to become an “open place, where everyone feels at home and can participate.”

How? Just how is that possible if only those who are willing to take an experimental vaccine are allowed in?

And as the protests go ahead in the city, and people are being brutalized by the police – just watch the video below – Pope Francis has been totally silent.

Wouldn’t you think that the Pope would be more compassionate towards people who are being forced by their government to take a vaccine that they just don’t want, or are even afraid of taking?