Poultry Farm Accused Of Hiding Child Laborers In Closets

According to a report, a poultry firm in Los Angeles, California, is accused of hiring underage teens, some as young as 14, to debone chicken using sharp knives.

Federal investigators arrived to investigate similar accusations at The Exclusive Poultry, where the adolescents were allegedly hidden in bathrooms and closets.

According to local news, the chicken processor will pay a total of 3.8 million dollars to the Department of Labor for several violations and $200,000 in civil penalties.

Tony Bran, the owner of The Exclusive Poultry, allegedly withheld workers’ wages, endangered young workers, and retaliated against employees to hide their actions, according to a member of the Labor Department’s Wage and Hour Division.

According to NBC, the investigators claimed that the minors were involved in deboning chicken, working overtime on multiple days a week, and not attending school. It was also claimed that several of the teenage workers suffered injuries on site.

The lawyer for the business, Anthony McClaren, stated that his client was unaware of children being hired at the processing plants. He further mentioned that they came to a settlement with the government to move forward.

The lawyer said that the case had hardly begun and these were only accusations. The company is now starting its own investigation into the veracity of the allegations, as reported by the media.

According to a source, the inquiry was first initiated in August 2022 in response to a complaint by an adult employee over unpaid wages.

According to what McClaren told NBC News, the firm is now essentially closed down because of the settlement.

Meanwhile, in Ohio, a statement from a poultry facility in Wayne County said federal officials discovered the employment of over twenty-five juveniles.

According to local reports, the raid took place on October 4 in Kidron.

They said that at a Kidron facility owned by Gerber’s Poultry, which is famous for making Amish Farm Chicken, over twenty minors, mainly from Guatemala, were found to be working as underage laborers.

According to Dany Ceto, a local resident with family working at the factory, he first thought the FBI agents were conducting an immigration raid when he saw them surround the facility.
Ceto revealed that in order to accommodate their school schedules, the company employed the youngsters on the second shift.