Powerful Politician Expelled From Party For Religious Claim

A British mayor for the Conservative Party has been forced out of his position after he attended an event for the raising of a “progress flag,” according to The National Pulse. The progress flag is the rainbow pride flag that includes stripes for minorities and transgender people. 

Mohammed Nazam apologized for his actions and was made to resign by his party. Conservative Member of Parliament (MP) Robbie Moore also attended the flag-raising and said that he was “deeply disturbed” by the apology because the mayor should represent everyone in his community. But members of the party felt differently, including the Muslims in the area. 

Nazam stated that the pride event did not conform to his religious beliefs and apologized to the Muslim community. He also claimed that he did not intend to hurt those in the LGBTQ+ community with his apology and noted that Muslims are taught to have “respect and tolerance for all.” 


During an interview with Nigel Farage, former President Donald Trump said that the Conservative Party in England was “going far left.” Farage asked him about the future of a Labour government and noted that those who supported conservatives are starting to rethink their choices. Trump quickly responded that that might not be happening if the conservatives “stayed conservative.” 


Some of the failed policies that conservatives capitulated on have given England over to the far-left already, the outlet reports. Fracking is banned, immigration continues to run rampant, and the tax burden is set to affect millions of people. Trump noted the former prime minister’s sudden change when he got into office, saying that Boris Johnson was more worried about the green agenda than the fracking he supported before being elected. 

A new bill introduced in November 2022 to combat harm online will reportedly continue to chip away at speech in the country.