Press Conference Stopped After Protest Shooting

( On Sunday, the Portland Police Bureau (PPB) attempted to hold a press conference to address several violent incidents that occurred in Portland in the previous week. But some Antifa agitators interrupted the press conference, forcing the PPB to end it.

PPB Lieutenant Nathan Sheppard was to speak with reporters about two Saturday shootings in which officers were involved that left two people dead and five injured as well as an incident from last Thursday when an attempted traffic stop resulted in an officer being shot at.

But when Sheppard began to speak about Saturday’s shootings, he was shouted down by Antifa activists who began yelling the typical anti-police Antifa nonsense.

The Antifa agitators yelled about Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler and the media and hurled accusations at journalist Andy Ngo. They even accused Nathan Sheppard, a black man, of being a White Supremacist.

Sheppard attempted to continue, but the Antifa agitators wouldn’t shut up. Finally, Sheppard told reporters that he would not be able to continue with the press conference.

Watch HERE.

The PPB continued the briefing via videoconference later on Sunday during which Sheppard was able to answer questions from reporters.