Pro-Antifa Mayoral Candidate LEADING In Portland

( As if it wasn’t bad enough that Portland, Oregon, was being gradually burned down and destroyed by Antifa riots, a pro-Antifa mayoral candidate is now leading the race.

A new poll shows incumbent Democratic Mayor of Portland Ted Wheeler with 30% support, while Sarah Iannarone – the pro-Antifa candidate – has 41% support. The poll was commissioned by the Portland Business Alliance and shows a lead that is well above the +/- 4% margin of error of the poll.

If the election were held today, Sarah Iannarone would win, suggesting that a significant portion of Portland not only supports the Antifa riots, but wants someone who aligns with the radical Marxist organization in charge of the city.

Some 16% of voters said that they intend to write in a candidate on election day, and some 13% of voters are undecided.

I think we can safely say there will be no Republican mayor of Portland any time soon.

Iannarone has shot up in the polls in recent months. Back in May, during the first round of voting,. Wheeler took less than 50% of the vote. It prompted a second round of voting, and in the meantime, Wheeler’s popularity among the ultra left-wing voters in the city has continually dropped.

Speaking to the Daily Caller, far-left candidate Iannarone said that the news doesn’t come as a surprise.

“Polling doesn’t win elections, but this comes as no surprise,” she said. “My campaign talks to thousands of voters every week, and we’ve been ahead of the current Mayor for months, with very little awareness of protest votes outside of social media.”

Iannarone said that she believes voters are “ready for a Mayor with a clear plan for progress, not apologies for four years of failure.”

Iannarone, who displays her she/her pronounces in her Twitter username, attempted to dispel the idea that Antifa is a gang of violent thugs. Failing to address the fact that Antifa had burned down large sections of the city she intends to represent, she claimed that she is “not a violent thug.”

“ALL – – yes ALL – of the acts of domestic terrorism on U.S. soil in 2018 were by white supremacist extremist,” she added.

Didn’t she notice the 100+ consecutive nights of violence in her city?