Pro-Life Group Deploys $72 Million In Midterm Culture War Against Liberals

( With the 2022 midterms shaping up to be a Republican wave and the Supreme Court poised to significantly roll back Roe v Wade, pro-life group the Susan B. Anthony List announced it would be spending $72 million in six key battleground states in hopes of electing pro-life candidates to Congress.

According to Mallory Carrol, vice president of communications for the Susan B. Anthony List, the recent court battles on abortion are giving pro-life candidates momentum going into the midterms.

The group will use the funding to make six million door-to-door visits by volunteers in North Carolina, Florida, Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

Pro-Life groups feel confident that the 6-3 conservative majority on the Supreme Court will uphold Mississippi’s ban on abortions after 15 weeks. The hope is to build on that momentum by reaching out beyond red states to swing states.

According to Mallory Carrol, the goal is to fight back against the Biden administration’s extreme position on abortion.

Louisiana Right to Life head Benjamin Clapper said the funding from the Susan B. Anthony List is critical in the effort to inform voters not just on the Biden administration’s extreme stance, but also the pro-abortion members of Congress.

A Maris poll released last week found that a vast majority of Americans, 71 percent, support restrictions on abortion.

Broken down by party, 93 percent of Republicans and 70 percent of Independents support abortion restrictions.

Even 49 percent of Democrat respondents want there to be restrictions on abortion.

Meanwhile, Maris found only 12 percent support abortion during the first six months of pregnancy while only 17 percent of respondents want abortion available to any woman at any time during her pregnancy.

In other words, the official position of the Democrat Party today is only shared by 17 percent of voters.

In that respect, the Susan B. Anthony List couldn’t pick a better time to pour funding into promoting pro-life candidates. Despite the mainstream media’s claims, the Democrat Party’s radical position on unfettered abortion is out of step with the vast majority of the country.