Public Health Alert Issued Over Chinese-Style Food at Walmart 

Toronto, ON, Canada - August 30, 2023: View at the logo front sign of the Walmart super store in America

It is no secret that in the United States, a growing health crisis continues to unfold. Indeed, cancer rates are on the rise. These numbers have risen sharply in recent years among increasingly younger groups of people. According to an article by Yahoo, a study conducted by Ohio State University has alleged that mainstream dietary tendencies in the modern western world may be to blame. Colorectal cancer is one of the types of cancer that has risen in frequency in recent years, and these researchers claimed that diets high in fat and low in fiber may be the cause of this. The scientists claimed that this style of dieting can disrupt a natural balance of bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract. 

The sharp rise in serious illnesses are not surprising given the state of modern American cuisine. In the United States, many processed foods contain chemicals and preservatives that are banned in other countries. In a recent report from the Imperial School of Public Health (a U.K. based organization) has alleged that ultra-processed foods may be linked to increased rates of cancer. Popular items like carbonated soda drinks, mass-produced breads, frozen meals and a major variety of popular cereals all fit this description. 

The nature in which Americans consume foods on a regular basis has changed markedly over the last several decades.  Prior to the second world war, many Americans grew most of their own food at home on their own property. Ingredients were often fresh and locally sourced. Following the end of the conflict, modern grocery stores expanded greatly, and big box stores like Walmart became common beginning in the 1990’s. Recently, Walmart became a central news focus after a health warning was issued regarding a Curry product sold at the outlet. The USDA issued the alert; the reasoning was that the product (a chicken bao-bun) may cause serious allergic reactions to people that are at a most serious risk.