Putin Asks Children’s’ Parents To Keep Eye On Children Who Support Ukraine

(RepublicanInformer.com)- With the Russian people getting hammered by Western sanctions – from the plummeting value of the ruble to the lack of access to products and services from Western companies – Russian President Vladimir Putin is reportedly starting a domestic propaganda campaign to indoctrinate children into seeing the Ukraine invasion from his perspective.

The Russian Ministry of Education has reportedly given school pupils all over the country a special online lesson that discusses the alleged danger that NATO forces pose to Russia. It’s an incredible step from Russian President Vladimir Putin to win over the minds of children as young as 11, even as much of his country begins to protest his decision to invade Ukraine.

Teachers have also reportedly been given manuals in Russia, insisting that they describe the invasion of Ukraine as a “special peacekeeping mission.” Because it’s definitely not an invasion.

In fact, the words “invasion,” “offensive,” and “declaration of war” have been banned from the media in Russia – meaning journalists are only allowed to report on the Ukraine conflict in a way that shows Russia in a positive light.

However, most Russians can’t ignore the impact that Western sanctions have on the country – and must by now be realizing that most of the rest of the world opposes what Vladimir Putin is doing.

The manuals for Russian teachers are being distributed throughout the national Russian school system. They reportedly instruct teachers to teach children that Ukraine didn’t exist until the 20th century and that in 2014, an American coup resulted in the installation of a puppet regime controlled by the West.

If Russian teachers want to learn how to indoctrinate children, they may want to learn a lesson or two from the Critical Race Theory advocates here in the United States…

Then again, there’s no telling how many Russian teachers are opposed to these efforts by Vladimir Putin, too…