Putin Calls For Punishment Of Those Responsible For Downing Commercial Craft

(Republicaninformer.com)- On Thursday, the Kremlin said it believes that the truth about what happened at the Nord Stream gas pipeline should be revealed to the world, and that those who were responsible for sabotaging it should face punishment.

This came after an investigative journalist opined that United States divers blew the critical gas pipeline up at the request of the Biden administration.

On September 26 of last year, there was a steep decline in pressure on both of the Nord Stream pipelines. Seismologists have said that they were able to record explosions at the pipelines, which have then triggered plenty of speculation about who might have sabotaged what was one of the most important pieces to Russia’s energy corridors.

Seymour Hersh, an investigative journalist who has won a Pulitzer Prize, wrote in a blog post that an anonymous source told him divers with the U.S. Navy destroyed the Nord Stream pipeline. They used explosives, the source said, and were ordered to do so by President Joe Biden.

Following that report, the White House immediately dismissed the allegations as being “utterly false and complete fiction.” The foreign ministry for Norway even said that it was “nonsense.”

Yet Dmitry Peskov, who serves as a spokesman for the Krelim, said that the blog post Hersh wrote deserved to be paid attention to more. He also added that he was really surprised Western media outlets haven’t covered the incident more than they have.

He spoke with reporters this week and said:

“The world must find out the truth about who carried out this act of sabotage. This is a very dangerous precedent: If someone did it once, they can do it again anywhere in the world.”

Peskov also called for “an open international investigation of this unprecedented attack on international critical infrastructure … It is impossible to leave this without uncovering those responsible and punishing them.”

While the foreign minister did say it was important to be cautious about using a simple blog posts as the primary source of proof of an incident, but at the same time, it would be “unfair” to completely ignore it, especially because it was “remarkable for the depth of analysis.”

Russia has consistently said that western entities were responsible for the explosions that damaged the both of the Nord Stream pipelines last fall – even though they have provided no evidence to back their claims.

The pipelines cost billions of dollars to construct and transport gas from Russia over to Germany. It was a route that Russia could take to export their goods directly to much of western Europe under the Baltic Sea, without having to travel through Ukraine.

The explosions happened in the economic zones of Denmark and Sweden. Investigators from both of those countries said the breaks in the pipelines were caused by sabotage.

To this point, though, they haven’t identified who they think might have been responsible for the attacks.