Putin In Spotlight As Another Ally Mysteriously Dies

According to Russian official media, a politician and Putin loyalist from Russia was discovered dead last month after he fell from the third level of his residence. The cause of his fall remains unknown.

In the village of Tobolsk, in the western Siberian district of Tyumen Oblast, Vladimir Egorov, 46, fell 30 feet to his demise at his residence. Egorov was a member of Putin’s governing United Russia party. The body was found in a home courtyard, according to a media source.

Egorov may have had cardiac difficulties before the fatal accident, according to an outlet.

Despite no convictions, Egorov—a lawyer—was ousted from his position in the municipal government in 2016 due to a corruption controversy.

Reports show that since the conflict with Ukraine began, several more prominent Russians have also died from strange falls.

In June 2022, 28-year-old Russian bank vice president Kristina Baikova plunged from her 11th-floor apartment, while in February, top Russian military commander Marina Yankina fell 16 floors to her death in St. Petersburg.

The leader of Russia’s Lukoil oil firm, Ravil Maganov, fell out of a Moscow hospital window and died in September 2022.

After being suspected of accepting a bribe, prominent energy executive Igor Shkurko was discovered dead in his jail cell in April 2023.

A purported opponent of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Pyotr Kucherenko passed very abruptly in May 2023 after becoming ill while en route to Moscow. He was Russia’s deputy minister of research.

A plane accident killed Yevgeny Prigozhin, commander of the Wagner mercenary group, and several of his senior lieutenants in August of 2023.

Reports show Mohammed Al-Alawi, an investigative journalist from Egypt, said in August 2023 that the mother-in-law of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenksyy had bought a mansion in El-Gouna for $4.85 million. He leaked papers supporting his accusations.

Last month in Egypt, Al-Alawi was brutally murdered.

According to Ahmed Al-Alawi, the brother of the deceased, Mohammed’s inquiry was his first major undertaking, but after its dissemination, he began to get death threats.

The Zelenskyy family was accused of stealing from the Ukrainian government and committing corruption in the report.

According to El Gouna resort owner Orascom Development, the accusations were incorrect. The Ukrainian embassy in Egypt also disputed them, calling them Russian propaganda.