Putin Offers Evacuations For Afghanistan Refugees As Long As They Don’t Go To Russia

(RepublicanInformer.com)- Over the weekend, Russian President Vladimir Putin rejected the possibility of countries close to Russia accepting Afghanistan refugees, explaining how he doesn’t want militants to arrive in the region under the guise of being called refugees.

It’s an infinitely more sane position than anything that has come from our Western leaders, and something that the Russian leader is probably right about.

Even a broken clock is right twice a day…

Putin also criticized Western nations for promoting plans to relocate Afghan refugees to Central Asian countries while they await their visas to enter the United States and Europe. He asked why Afghan “refugees” could be sent to those neighboring countries without visas, only to be required visas to later enter Europe.

He asked why there is such a “humiliating approach” to solving the problem.

It follows reports that the United States recently hosted secretive talks with a number of countries in the region to secure deals that would allow at-risk Afghans who previously worked for the U.S. government to be temporarily held in Central Asian countries. The story was reported by Reuters, and suggests that untold thousands of Afghans – who could easily claim to be a translator for the U.S. Army – could be on their way to Europe and the United States very soon.

Sergei Lavrov, the Russian foreign minister, said that Taliban leaders have so far stuck to their promises, and appeared to side with the Jihadists over Western leaders…which should come as no surprise. Only weeks before the Taliban took back control of the country, its leaders flew to Moscow where they attended high-level discussions with the Russian government to establish an agreement not to attack Russia and to actively work against Jihadist attacks in the region.

When Vladimir Putin is making more sense than Joe Biden, specifically on this issue of resettling “refugees,” then you know something is very wrong.