Putin Officials Baselessly Claim Female Journalist Was Trying To Seduce Putin

(RepublicanInformer.com)- Remember the story from last week about how CNBC reporter Hadley Gamble got caught up in an argument with Russian President Vladimir Putin, in which he accused her of not listening to what he said, while also calling her “beautiful”?

Well, the story isn’t over.

Russian state media has since accused Gamble of “positioning herself as a sex object” with the intent of distracting the Russian president during the recent interview.

The pair sat down to talk at the Moscow energy forum last week. Gamble asked Putin whether or not he had purposely refused to increase the supply of natural gas to Europe in order to increase costs and purposely prove that Europe depended on Russia.

After Putin called Gamble “beautiful” when accusing her of not listening to his answers, the Kremlin responded by suggesting that she was part of a “special operation” by the United States.

Speaking on a state radio show, popular Russian presenter Vladimir Solovyov claimed that Gamble was using her “sex appeal” to distract Putin, acting as though she was playing a part in “the move 9 ½ Weeks or Basic Instinct.”

If the Russians genuinely believe this, it’s because they think the rest of the world behaves like them. It’s only true that the American government uses propaganda campaigns to distract the American people – it’s highly unlikely that President Joe Biden and his team were smart enough to send a news reporter with “sex appeal” to distract Vladimir Putin.

Other Russian media names are also saying that Gamble was used as a response to claims by White House adviser Fiona Hill that Putin had purposely chosen an attractive female interpreted to distract former President Donald Trump.

Maybe that’s true, but are we really meant to believe that Hadley Gamble was there to allure Putin and trip him up over his words?