Putin Spotted With A “Limp” In Shocking Video Footage

(RepublicanInformer.com)- When Russian President Vladimir Putin came off an aircraft in Iran to meet with authorities, he walked awkwardly, with one arm hanging by his side and the other wildly flailing. This gave him a peculiar appearance and fueled speculation about his health.

Putin walked on the red carpet but did not shake hands with delegates from Iran.
There have been rumors that the president has Parkinson’s illness or cancer. In addition, witnesses have reported seeing him tremble uncontrollably and lean desperately on tables and podiums for support.

Additionally, it has been brought to everyone’s attention that Putin has been visibly overweight and seems rather large.

A member of the Ukrainian intelligence community said in May that while Vladimir Putin had “several significant diseases,” including cancer, he is expected to live for “a few more years.”

The chief of the military intelligence service in Kyiv, Kyrylo Budanov, has also claimed that assassins attempted to kill Putin but were unsuccessful.

In a much-heralded interview with Ukrayinska Pravda, Budanov, 36, acknowledged that the Ukrainians believe Putin has cancer, but he did not speak about an advance clip that disclosed an apparent assassination plot on him.

According to Budanov, wasting time expecting that Putin will pass away tomorrow is futile. At the very least, he still has some time left. It is an undeniable fact, regardless of whether or not you agree with it.

However, the intelligence agency chief said that Putin’s mental state is “muddled.”

He stated that there is a great deal of room for disagreement over the despot, who had the delusion that he could grab control of the entirety of Ukraine in just three days and raise the Russian flag atop the administrative building in Kyiv. And for the third month in a row, he boasted that despite having the world’s second and sometimes first army, he could not deal with the “backward non-state Ukraine.”

Others say that based on how he behaves at public events, the former KGB agent, who is 69 years old, may have Parkinson’s disease or dementia. One source claims that he has cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy.

There was speculation about Vladimir Putin’s health when he failed to show up for a hockey game in which he had competed for the last ten years and after he seemed overweight and clung to a table during one of his public appearances.