Putin’s Child Soldiers Revealed In Mysterious Footage

(Republicaninformer.com)- In Vladimir Putin’s Russia, war lessons are taught to kids as young as four and five.

In a video, a soldier in battle gear shows kindergarten students how to use an anti-tank grenade launcher and a Kalashnikov machine rifle.

Pavel Firsov, a member of the paramilitary Combat Brotherhood pro-Kremlin outfit, is the “instructor.” He was there to teach the qualities that define a loyal defender of the Motherland to children at Kindergarten No. 31 in Korolev, close to Moscow. As a veteran of military operations, Firsov frequently instructs older kids on military matters.

According to reports, tens of thousands of Russian soldiers have been killed in Putin’s attempt to attack and weaken the sovereign nation of Ukraine as the courses begin.

Commenters reacted to the video on social media.

One critical commentator was left in shock, wondering if he had heard correctly that a fighter carried a machine gun and a flamethrower to the kindergarten.

Another person countered, saying at least it was a soldier who cared about kids who carried a machine gun and a flamethrower to the kindergarten and not a terrorist.

Another comment claimed that in their youth, it was a grandfather bedecked in medals that informed us that war is terrifying, with anguish and tears. They extolled the virtues of triumph and the value of maintaining international harmony. The commenter didn’t recall hearing anything about weaponry.

Reports show that at the nursery school, a parent voiced their anger stating the parents were not forewarned. Only luck kept his child out of kindergarten on that day.

Another claimed that it was a terrible idea to expose kids to firearms. He explained It was against the law to use children in military propaganda, according to legislation. The infraction must be reported to the prosecutor’s office.

A supporter said that youngsters who are not educated about weaponry would grow up to be cowardly men.  Another person remarked that the boys would be interested, but the girls probably wouldn’t be.

One commenter wondered if citizens had become too soft and pampered, as he saw from so many indignant comments.

Russia is no longer the Soviet Union, but it still has a Kremlin heart.