Rachel Corin’s Mother Slams Mayorkas For Not Mentioning Name

The Biden administration has come under fire from Patty Morin, who is the mother of a woman, Rachel Morin, who an illegal alien killed. The mother says the Biden administration has failed to reach out and communicate with her and her family. 

In August of last year, Victor Martinez Hernandez, a 23-year-old man from Tulsa, Oklahoma, raped and killed Rachel Morin. The mother-of-five went for a run on hiking trails, and her partner reported her missing. He found her. Car, but not her. The police discovered her body just off the trail. The case went unsolved for nearly a year.

Martinez-Hernandez reportedly killed a second lady in El Salvador the previous month, and in February of 2023, he entered the southern border illegally. His alleged crimes in Los Angeles prior to Morin’s murder include assaulting a woman and her nine-year-old daughter.

As part of her criticism of Alejandro Mayorkas, Patty Morin pointed out that during his CNN interview, Mayorkas used the term “individual” to describe Rachel rather than her name. 

“Say her name” has been used in other cases which have become politicized.

Since they refused even to indicate that Rachel was a woman, Patty claimed the comment was a political statement. Her lawyer, Randolph Rice, attacked Biden administration officials, calling the southern border a “hemorrhaging” mess while authorities debate a band-aid solution.

In August 2023, after Morin had been cruelly murdered and left behind five children, her lifeless body was discovered on a well-traveled hiking path in Maryland. 

After the murder of a lady in El Salvador in January 2023, Martinez-Hernandez was wanted by Interpol. He entered the country illegally in February 2023 and is said to be associated with gangs and have links to Washington, D.C.,—region in Prince George’s County and Virginia.

Richard Tobin, who was in a relationship with Morin, discovered her car at the trailhead on the same day her corpse was recovered. When the case became national news, he felt compelled to use social media to deny any participation. He was cleared when the illegal was fingered as the murderer.