Rachel Maddow Gets Big Career Change After Complaints

(RepublicanInformer.com)- Rachel Maddow had just signed a brand new multi-million dollar deal with MSNBC after apparently complaining about working ten-hour days.

We’re sure plenty of Americans would be willing to work more than 10 hours per day for a salary like that…

The 48-year-old far-left MSNBC “news” host reportedly engaged in “heated” negotiations with the network over her position, and as a result will shift her 9pm nightly show to a once-per-week format.

Maddow reportedly earns $7 million per year from the network, and as of next year, will begin working with the cable channel on new projects and will even be working with NBCUniversal – the channel’s parent company – on other kinds of content.

Yes, we’re afraid to say you might end up seeing more of Rachel Maddow on the television.

The Daily Mail reported how Maddow was revealed to be raking in $7 million per year in 2013, and at the time was seriously considering leaving for another network or even starting her own media company instead. However, MSNBC is understood to have taken serious steps to keep her on the channel, and reportedly doubled her salary.

Now, Maddow is telling the network she wants more time for a personal life and to work on other projects – something she can easily do even if her salary was halved. Or more than halved.

Currently, Maddow competes with Sean Hannity on Fox News for the 9pm slot. She has repeatedly come behind Hannity in the ratings, but remains one of the most popular left-wing news anchors on her channel. She regularly beat far-left news anchor Chris Cuomo, who pulled in less than one million viewers on August 19. Maddow saw 2.28 million people tuning in to her show that day, while Hannity scored a massive 3.3 million.

It turns out that MSNBC is willing to spend millions of dollars on a part-time news anchor even when she isn’t topping the ratings…