Rainbow Truck Featured In Ford Commercial Sparks Outrage

Twitter users have drawn attention to an old ad for Ford Motor Company’s “redefining tough” campaign, which depicts a gay-themed rainbow-colored truck.

The commercial features a race between two Ford Raptor pick-up trucks.

At the outset of the commercial, both are caked in mud as they face off. One of the trucks drives through water, revealing the rainbow as the mud is washed away.

The baby blue and pink colors of the LGBT rainbow flag are prominently featured in the final revelation as one of the trucks sprints ahead of the other.

The commercial concludes with the phrase “REDIFINING TOUGH,” with the “TOUGH” half of the text flashing with LGBT colors.

Even though the commercial was made by Ford’s European division over ten months ago, it has only recently gone viral on Twitter, where it has amassed over a million views.

A TikTok user named Brian Michael uploaded the video again on May 16 with a caption saying the corporation had “destroyed 120 years of American history in 1 minute.”

A gay conservative political analyst with over 1.94 million YouTube subscribers, Dave Rubin, has spoken out against “the obsession to market everything” to the LGBTQ+ population.

He asked, “Why would you be marketing toward a niche audience?”

Rubin asks what kind of homosexual person walks in and which vehicle they think is the gayest. 

“Can I get this in rainbow color?”

 Rubin says that nothing about the commercial makes any kind of sense.

This is the latest uproar on social media about “woke ads.”

Transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney made headlines six weeks ago after posting a photo of Bud Light cans. Anheuser-Busch, the parent company, lost billions in revenue.

Next, Miller Lite ran an odd ad saying they were sorry for using sexist imagery for so long and suggested they would compost the old ads to donate fertilizer to women to grow hops and brew beer.

Adidas, which has just released its “Pride 2023” advertising campaign featuring a male in a women’s one-piece swimming suit, may regret its decision.

“Go woke, go broke” happens. Ask Bud Light.