Rand Paul And Children Face Assassination Threats

(Republicaninformer.com)- Kentucky Senators Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell, and the children of those who vote for them are facing assassination threats posted online, according to Summit News. Police and the FBI are currently investigating the threats which call both Republicans “fascists” and threatening to kill “cracker children” of “racist” people who voted for them.

The social media post reads, “U want to vote mich mcconnell and rand paul then u all deal with what comes with that [sic].”

“And the only way ur gonna learn is when ur f******* racist cracker kids are on the ground bleeding out. Then you’ll know what the rest of us have to live with on a daily basis because of the fascists you voted in,” the post continues.


The perpetrator also states that he wants them to look at their dead children and how their deaths will be a consequence of their vote. He went on to reference the Parkland mass shooter Nikolas Cruz by saying that “I’m gonna be f****** famous. Nik Crus ain’t s***!”

The perpetrator also threatened former President Donald Trump, saying that he cannot get to him, but he can get to the children, and claimed that no one can stop him.

Bowling Green High School Principal Kyle McGraw alerted the Kentucky community to the threat, including Warren Central High School and Allen County-Scottsville High School in the safety notice. The date and time of the threat are currently unknown, but Fox reports that the police and FBI are looking into it.

Senator Paul has spoken out against leftists, including celebrities, who encouraged violence against him in the past, highlighting the time he was brutally assaulted and sent to the hospital in 2017. He said that some people on the left find it hilarious.

White powder was also sent to Paul’s home and discovered by his wife. Attached was a note saying that he was going to finish the job, referring to Paul’s injuries.