Rand Paul Wants To Know If Pelosi Got Antibody Treatment

(RepublicanInformer.com)- After the news broke last week that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi tested positive for COVID-19 after attending the April 2 Gridiron Dinner, Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul wanted to know if Pelosi was receiving one of the COVID treatments the federal government has restricted for those in the general public.

While appearing on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity” Friday night, Senator Paul expressed frustration at the government taking control of not only the production of monoclonal antibody therapies but also the government’s decision to withdraw some therapies after claiming the treatment wasn’t working in laboratory testing with some strains of the virus.

Paul noted that “thousands of doctors across the country” dispute the claim, pointing out that the therapies may not be working in the lab, but they are working in clinical practice. And now that the government has removed them, doctors are left with no treatment options.

Then Rand Paul brought up Nancy Pelosi.

He said it was important to know if Pelosi received monoclonal antibodies. And if she did after they’ve been removed from the market “for the rest of the hoi polloi,” then there is a different standard being applied to Democrat politicians than the standard applied to the general public.

Senator Paul argued that the government needs to get out of the way and leave those COVID treatments available. He pointed out that, while monoclonal antibodies may not be as effective against some strains of the virus, it is “premature” to remove them from the market entirely.

But, Paul added, “that’s what happens when you centralize all the medical decision-making in Washington, which is a terrible mistake.”

Watch the interview HERE.