Recount Confirms Trump Won Michigan County After It Initially Went To Biden

( Weeks after the 2020 presidential election, a hand recount in a Michigan county just discovered that they falsely reported a win for Joe Biden.

Antrim County’s hand count discovered 9,759 votes for President Donald Trump, and 5,959 for Joe Biden.

Can you believe that all this time later we’re still discovering these massive false reports, and yet Joe Biden is still deemed the “president-elect”?

On November 3, election officials in Antrim County claimed that Biden had more than 3,000 votes than President Donald Trump. Then, just two days later, they said he had 2,500 more votes than the president.

On November 21, officials changed those numbers again, certifying President Donald Trump as the winner with almost 4,000 votes more than Joe Biden.

On Wednesday, Michigan Bureau of Elections official Lori Bourbonnais told reporters that the preliminary results from a fresh audit of the results found that a further 11 ballots were discovered for President Donald Trump, increasing his win over Joe Biden. Biden’s count went down by one.

Officials also said that they found three ballots for Libertarian Party candidate Jo Jorgensen, before trying to brush off the inaccuracies as “typical.”

If three changes and a flip from one candidate to another is “typical,” then is the election system up to scratch? Just asking.

“This is very typical of what we find in a hand count of ballots,” Bourbonnais said. “It is normal to find one or two votes in a precinct that differ between a hand tally and the machine count. So what we saw today was very typical.”

Sure, sure.

In a statement from Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, the audit was described as having “confirmed the truth & affirmed the facts: Dominion’s voting machines accurately tabulated votes cast for President.”

But Michigan is just one of four seven states that has dueling electors, with some presidential electors casting their vote for the president off the back of evidence of massive election fraud. Michigan was plagued by misconduct and arguably unconstitutional implementation of the mass mail-in ballot system.

How many more recounts that hand victories to President Trump do we need to see before Democrats admit there is a problem?