Rep. Beth Van Duyne Hopes American Voters Motivated by Border Crisis

In the United States, a tense political climate currently exists. The 2024 presidential election continues to near ever closer with each passing day and week, and it appears that the general election contest set for November will be most likely a rematch between the two candidates from the major parties in the 2020 general presidential election, Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Trump, the former 45th president of the United States, remains widely popular in the Republican party and his conservative bloc of voters remain galvanized around him in strong support despite the reality that he faces four criminal indictments and is widely unpopular amongst key voting groups and independents in general. The incumbent president, Joe Biden, is also extremely unpopular. An independent candidate who originally attempted to run as a Democrat named Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is also in the running and is appealing heavily to centrist and moderately liberal voters who are disillusioned by both the far-left Democrats and far-right Republicans. Ultimately, the state of political affairs in the United States is quite poor.

While Trump and Biden remain locked in a dead heat in crucial key states, the reality of the matter is that most Americans are disillusioned by both major political parties. Both Republicans and Democrats have failed the American people for decades. Despite both parties governing poorly, it appears Democrats continue to have a favorability edge, as many younger and more moderate Americans are increasingly liberal and tend to support policies promoted by the Democratic party.

This reality is not helped by the fact that Republicans simply cannot govern at all when given power, and while Democrats have governed poorly, they have proven at least that they are capable of promoting and implementing an agenda, unlike the GOP. One representative in the Republican Party named Beth van Duyne hopes that voters come out in support of the GOP over the border crisis which continues to escalate.