Rep. Faces $33k In Fines Over Mask Mandates By Pelosi

( House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her Democratic cronies are out to get Republicans in the lower chamber, and they’re trying to hit them where it counts — in the wallet.

On Monday, the House Ethics Committee revealed that Georgia Representative Andrew Clyde, a Republican, has been fined at least $33,000 because he has refused to wear a mask while he was on the floor of the House.

In response to those fines, Clyde appealed to the Ethics Committee, contesting some of those fines he received. Ultimately, though, the panel rejected his appeal. The committee is staffed by both Republicans and Democrats in an equal number.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, House Democrats instituted rules meant to curb the spread of the coronavirus. One of those was a requirement that all members of the House wear a mask when they are on the House floor.

Clyde, apparently, doesn’t care for that rule and has racked up all of these fines as a result. In addition to the $33,000 in mask-wearing fines, the first-term representative was also levied a $15,000 fine earlier in the year for not completing a security screening on two different occasions before entering the chamber.

Following the January 6 attacks at the Capitol building, the House established security screening rules to ensure that no members of Congress brought a weapon into the chamber. That is a long-standing rule, but one the Democrats decided needed to be checked by a formal security screening of every member.

In his appeal, Clyde argued the Democrats’ fines are unconstitutional. He cited the 27th Amendment, which prohibits changes in compensation for lawmakers until after an election cycle has passed.

The fines were established back in January as a way to enforce the House rule that all members must wear a mask while on the floor. The fine for a first offense is $500, and it increases to $2,500 for every offense thereafter.

The only exception to the rule is that members of the House don’t have to wear a mask while they’re presiding over floor debate or speaking. Even though there is a requirement set by the Capitol physician that all members wear a mask in the House side of the building back in July, there is no fine for members who don’t mask up outside the lower chamber.

In June, Clyde filed a lawsuit along with Texas Representative Louie Gohmert that is challenging the constitutionality of the fines the House issues for failure to abide by security screenings. Those fines start at $5,000 and increase to $10,000 for each offense after the initial one.

Despite all of these fines, Clyde hasn’t garnered the most outrageous fine bill yet. Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene said in November that she has received $63,000 in fines for not wearing a mask on the House floor.

Other Republican lawmakers have received mask fines, but none to the extent of Clyde or Greene.