Rep. Mace Predicts GOP Win In 2022

( South Carolina Congresswoman Nancy Mace is so optimistic about the Republicans’ chances in the 2022 midterm elections that she thinks the party will once again take control of the House.

Her reasoning?

President Joe Biden’s appalling performance so far, and his abysmal policies on the border and the economy.

During an interview with One America News, a smaller news network that emerged as a challenger to Fox News in recent years, Rep. Mace pointed to Biden’s tax and economic agenda, the struggling employment numbers, and massively increasing national debt as a reason why the Republicans are likely to succeed in two years.

Rep. Mace also slammed Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for controlling how Democrats vote, saying she has a “choke hold” over Democrats when it comes to pushing them to advance extremist legislation.

Talking about West Virginia Democratic Senator Joe Manchin and Arizona Senator Kirsten Sinema, who have both refused to be forced by Pelosi to vote in favor of removing the Senate filibuster, Mace said it was “refreshing” to see two members of the Democratic caucus standing up to their leadership.

For Mace, taking back the House is fairly simple for the Republicans. Not only had President Joe Biden promised to spend $6 trillion for fiscal year 2022, but he is also planning $146 billion in new taxes on traditional energy, $1.2 billion on the “Green Climate Fund,” and as much as $400 million on making states implement gun buyback schemes.

Combined with these extremist policy proposals, the Republicans only need five or six seats to win back the House.

What do you think…is Rep. Mace right about this?