Report Debunks Biden’s Lies About Hur Interview

While it was the president who brought up the topic, Special Counsel Robert Hur was chastised by President Joe Biden for bringing up the premature death of his son, Beau Biden.

In his speech to the nation, Biden criticized Hur’s choice to bring up Beau Biden’s passing; however, an NBC report showed that the president had started the conversation when he was being questioned about his handling of top secret documents.

According to two people aware of Hur’s two days and five hours of interviews with the president in October 2023, Hur never mentioned the topic. They said that when Biden discussed the classified papers found at a rental home in Virginia during the interview, it was Biden, not Hur, who brought up Beau’s passing.

Biden brought up his son’s illness when asked about his working methods at a rental house from 2016 to 2018. Beau passed away in 2015 due to brain cancer. 

The report states that investigators obtained a recording from 2017 during which Biden told the ghostwriter he had found “classified stuff” in the house. The line of inquiry regarding the memoir was pertinent to the main focus of the investigation.

Hur’s report, which claimed that Biden had highly classified material harbored in his garage, cleared him of any criminal activity because he was too old and had memory loss. Even though it was discovered that the president had granted the ghostwriter access to the material at least three times, the prosecutors concluded that they could not prove the president knew the material was classified at the time.

Hur’s assessments of the president’s memory have caused the administration and those who support Biden to criticize the report sharply.

Critics claim that excessive information regarding Biden’s memory problems, such as his inability to recall the year Beau passed away, was callously included in the report.

The two-day interview was transcribed and audio recorded, and congressional committees are anticipated to demand its release.