Reporter Demands to Know “When Will You Answer Our Questions?”

( Before heading out to his swanky Thanksgiving holiday in Nantucket, President Joe Biden delivered remarks on the state of the economy from his pretend “White House” stage set last Tuesday. And, as is usually the case, after speaking for about ten minutes, Joe turned his back on the shouting reporters and shuffled off stage without answering a single question.

Over the din of reporters yelling their questions at the President’s retreating back, one reporter, CBS News Radio White House correspondent Steven Portnoy is heard shouting “When will you answer our questions, sir?”


Portnoy, the president of the White House Correspondents Association, later tweeted that he wanted to ask if Biden would ever get around to telling reporters what he and China’s President Xi Jinping discussed in their November 15 virtual meeting. Portnoy explained the meeting was over a week ago, and still the American people haven’t heard from the president what he and Xi discussed.

But last week’s speak and scamper is just the latest example of President Biden going out of his way to avoid any prolonged Q&A with the White House press corps. It’s become a source of frustration and irritation among White House reporters who, for four years enjoyed unfettered access to President Trump.

The President’s press availability has been strictly controlled by the White House. Often reporters find themselves getting herded out of the room by a staffer while the president ignores their questions. And when Biden does stick around long enough to answer questions, he keeps it limited to just a small handful of pre-selected reporters.

Press secretary Jen Psaki often shrugs off complaints about the lack of Biden’s press availability. In a recent live-stream event hosted by Politico, Psaki dismissed reporters’ concerns arguing that it is more of an issue for the press corps than it is for the American people.

Jen Psaki couldn’t be more wrong.