Reports Of Benjamin Netanyahu’s “Last” Election Go Viral

( According to reports cited by Walla News, Israel’s former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu plans to make one final bid for office in the forthcoming round of elections.

Netanyahu, the leader of the opposition in the Knesset, stated that this would be his final tenure. He will be 73 years old this October.

Netanyahu said he wants to hand over the nation to the premier, who will inherit a stabilized security, economic, and social situation. He can if he gets to form one more coalition.

Netanyahu’s administration refuted the report.

In any event, the former Israeli prime minister began his election campaign on Monday, immediately following the announcement of the dissolution of the parliament by the prime minister and the foreign minister, Yair Lapid and Naftali Bennett.

Netanyahu declared that the worst administration in the country’s history had ended after a relentless effort of the opposition in the Knesset and immense pain of the Israeli population.

He said he would join forces with some allies to create a large national coalition led by the Likud and a government that would look out for Israel’s whole population, without exception. Israel will achieve great things under a government that cuts taxes and costs, including broadening the circle of peace as Israel already has.

According to Walla News, this election campaign is different from past ones in which Netanyahu thought about proclaiming it to be his last because he was considering making an official statement—according to the Israeli site, making such a claim might play a significant role in his electoral plan.

According to the most recent polls, a right-wing coalition led by Netanyahu is getting close to securing the 61 seats required to establish a government. These surveys, however, represent voting based on the existing political climate, but several parties are anticipated to cooperate and go through significant change. Additionally expected is the emergence of new parties.

The opposition is still working to unseat the Bennett-Lapid administration without holding elections or dissolving the Knesset. That scenario’s prospects are thought to be slim. However, Bennett’s longstanding political ally Ayelet Shaked said to Ynet news on Wednesday that she would be open to serving in Netanyahu’s alternative Knesset cabinet.

Netanyahu’s political adversaries are working hard to stop him from assuming the helm through legislation known as the Defendant’s Law, which would bar any future Knesset from having a government formed by lawmakers facing criminal justice charges, including Netanyahu.

Provided it is approved, it would not apply to the present Knesset, allowing Netanyahu to create a different administration if he can secure 61 mandates before the dissolution of the Knesset and before new elections.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett declared he would oppose the measure since it is primarily seen as an attack on Netanyahu personally.