Republican Candidate Drops Out To Endorse Dr. Oz Opponent

( Jake Corman, the Republican candidate for governor of Pennsylvania, announced his withdrawal from the race on Thursday and supported former Representative Lou Barletta, also a Republican. Corman referred to Barletta as “the man at the right time at the right place” to defeat the Democratic candidate Josh Shapiro.

At a press conference in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, where the announcement was made, Corman stated that he felt it was necessary to drop out and endorse Barletta to unite the state’s party against Shapiro in the general election.

Corman stated that he was happy to show support for Lou Barletta.

“Lou Barletta is the man at the right time at the right place for the people of Pennsylvania,” Corman said.

He said that when Tom Wolf is leaving office with approval ratings that are among the lowest ever recorded, and when the country as a whole and the state of Pennsylvania are rejecting the Biden agenda, this is a time when we are looking for new leadership.

Corman said that there‚Äôs an opportunity for Republicans to win this governor’s race, and if they do, they’ll be able to accomplish great things for the people of Pennsylvania.

He stated that there is only one way that the Republicans will not be successful in the fall, and that is if we nominate someone who has no chance of winning. Corman said he is proud to add his voice to the chorus of those who support Lou Barletta, who is in the ideal position to deliver results for the good of the people of Pennsylvania.

Barletta expressed his gratitude to Corman for his support throughout the campaign.

He said that It is becoming increasingly obvious that Republicans need to get behind one candidate who can win the nomination and defeat Josh Shapiro in November.
He said it is imperative that Republicans unite behind a single candidate. Because the people of Pennsylvania are familiar with him, there is no question in his mind that as the Republican nominee, he will be able to defeat Shapiro.

He feels he has been tested and prepared to lead the great comeback in Pennsylvania.

A month ago, when it came to the race against Doug Mastriano, a state senator, Barletta held a narrow advantage. Newer polls place Mastriano and Barletta at the forefront of the Republican primary race. At the same time, businessman Dave White and former U.S. attorney Bill McSwain continue to trail in third and fourth place, respectively.

The election is on May 17.