Republicans Finally Taking Action To Stop Chris Wallace Repeat

( Republicans are finally taking a stand against bias presidential debate moderators, with Republican National Committee chair Ronna McDaniel revealing that Republican presidential candidates will be advised to skip debates unless major reforms are made.

McDaniel sent a letter to the allegedly nonpartisan Commission on Presidential Debates, citing their “repeated missteps” and “partisan actions” committed by board members. She slammed the organization for no longer providing an impartial forum for presidential debates to take place, adding that it is required by law that the commission provide a fair forum for candidates to discuss their views and intentions.

She wrote that unless the CPD adopts new and significant reforms to ensure that debate moderators are impartial, the RNC will have no choice but to tell Republican candidates and future Republican presidential nominees to steer clear of debates hosted by the CPD.

You may remember during the 2020 presidential election that the Commission on Presidential Debates refused to host an in-person debate even after Trump had successfully beaten his COVID-19 diagnosis, forcing the former president to cancel the debate entirely.

President Trump also faced biased questioning from Fox News anchor Chris Wallace, and from Kristen Walker of NBC.

McDaniel said that in order for the RNC to recommend that candidates take part in debates hosted by the commission, they will need to receive reassurances that the meaningful reforms will take place, and that they will work with stakeholders to restore faith in the legitimacy of the process and the commission.

She insisted that the commission respond to her requests by the end of July, but the CPD has yet to issue any kind of statement in response.

At this point, don’t the Democrats and the biased CPD think that they can just get away with anything? They got away with Chris Wallace fooling Republicans into thinking there might be a single debate free from false left-wing accusations and smears…and they’ll probably get away with it again.